Vine Account

How to Delete Your Vine Account?

Vine is a mobile app that allows users to create and post short video clips. The videos can only have a maximum length of six seconds, you can share your videos by embedding them on websites or by sharing them through social networking services such as Twitter.

Twitter acquired Vine in 2012 and the app is now available for Android and iOS devices for free.

To delete your Vine account you have basically two options, you can uninstall and delete the app from your device, however doing this will not erase your account from Vine’s system, you just won’t be able to access it via your mobile device.

If you want to terminate your account for good, then you will have to contact support through the support center at Simply fill out the contact form, enter the subject of your message, tell them that you want to delete your account, enter your full name, your twitter username, your email address, your phone number, and click “Submit”.

You’ll have to wait a couple of days until you receive a confirmation email stating that your account has been terminated.

Deleting your account is easy, if you have problems let us know and we’ll try to help you out as soon as we can.

Cookies on Firefox

How to Delete Cookies on FireFox?

If you want to remove the information of websites that you have stored on your computer you will have to delete Cookies, which are stored on your computer by websites you visit and contain information such as preferences or login status.

Here you will learn how to delete cookies in FireFox. There are two options, you can delete cookies for a single site, or you can delete all cookies.

Delete Cookies on FireFox for a Single Site

1. Open up Firefox.

2. Click the “FireFox” button.

3. Select “Options” and then click on the “Privacy” tab.

4. Then click on the FireFox will drop down menu and set it to use “Custom Settings For History”.

5. Now Click “show cookies”.

6. Type the name of the site in the search field.

7. After the sites for which you want to remove the cookies show up select the cookies in the list to remove.

8. Click “Remove Cookie”.

9. Click “Close” and you are done.

How to Delete All Cookies

1. Click the FireFox button.

2. Now click on the history menu and select “Clear Recent History”.

3. Click on the arrow next to details and select cookies.

4. Click “Clear Now” and you are done.