Tags on Facebook

How to delete Tags on Facebook?

The social media hype doesn’t seem to diminish, with more people around the world being able to acces the internet and aquiring cheap smartphones with online access, the social media phenomenon is a revolution that is spreading like a virus.

It is of common knowledge that the most used tool for social media interaction are the pictures, with the new upgrades of almost every social media network you can share anything, from places you’re at to friends you’re with, tagging friends on pictures is a very common practice in Facebook.

This ‘tag a friend’ trend can become invasive sometimes, or you might get tagged on that embarrassing drunk photograph, you wouldn’t want your family or your workmates to see, so you begin to wonder, How do I delete a tag from a FB picture? the answer is : EASY.

We are going to help you with these 5 easy steps.

Delete Tags on Facebook – Step by Step tutorial

1. Go to the activity log on your FB account.

2. In the left of your screen you will see a column, Click on ‘Photos’.

3. You can select one or more if you want to remove the TAG simultaneously from the pictures.

4. Click on Report/Remove Tags.

5. Confirm

Keep in mind that deleted tags cannot be un-deleted.

For more information on how to manage Tags visit Facebook.