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How To Delete Pictures On Instagram?

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Nowadays Instagram is the number one app for sharing photographs with your friends and family. This social network is basically a platform for uploading pictures of your favorite instants; the popularity of the app is because it offers the user a variety of filters that gives the pic a professional look with out having practically no background on photography or so; Instagram can make a regular picture instantly black and white or give it an old style 70’s like effect.

The gallery of the pictures you’ve uploaded may contain one or two pictures that you are no longer happy to share. You might have some embarrassing pictures, maybe pictures of your ex-wife/ex-husband, or even photos that you find in this moment of your life inappropriate.

If you want to delete photos on your Instagram you are in the right place, we’ll help you through the process with an easy step-by-step tutorial.

Delete Pictures on Instagram – Step by Step Tutorial

1.Log In to your Instagram account.

2. Go to your photos.

3. Tap on the picture you wish to delete.


4. In the bottom right corner there is an icon with three dots. That is the option menu.

photo 1(2)

5. An option Menu will pop up, Tap on Delete

photo 2(2)

6. Confirm you want to delete the photograph.

photo 3(1)

7. You are Done!