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How to delete Whatsapp messages?

Whatsapp is the most used mobile app for instant messaging; it allows you to communicate between you and anyone that uses a smartphone, it permits yous to share files such as pictures and even voice notes. The platform has gained new followers each day and if you are wondering why, the answer is simple, it’s because the only thing you need to use Whatsapp is a phone with internet connection, you don’t need to spend time filling blank spaces or any of that boring formats, it’s plain and simple, you just log in using your telephone number and you are all set.

In this page you will learn how to delete chats or messages in Whatsapp, so you may be trying to delete a chat because the information is confidential or you just want to save memory on your mobile phone, if you are having a hard time figuring out how to delete the messages we will help you to complete the process of erasing the data.

Follow these simple steps below.

Delete Whatsapp chats Method 1 – Step By Step Tutorial

1. Open up the chat you wish to delete on the mobile app.

2. Double tap the dialogue box you wish to delete.

3. Three options will pop up, tap delete.

4. Done!

There is another way to delete the whole history or simply delete dialogue box by dialogue box, for this process you must follow this steps.

Delete Whatsapp chats Method 2 – Step By Step Tutorial

1. Open up the chat you wish to delete on the mobile app.

2. Scroll up to the beginning of the chat box until you find the part where you can upload previous messages.

3. Tap on edit.

4. Now tap on every dialogue box or chat box you wish to delete.

5. Tap on the garbage bin at the right bottom of the screen.

6. You are Done!!

(You may also delete All the chat, the complete history log by tapping “Delete All” or simply by swapping to the left the name of the contact in the chat screen where all the chats are displayed)


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