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How To Delete Snapchat Best Friends?

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Snapchat is growing in popularity as we speak, it has become the latest way to chat between friends and share photos or short videos. The app is so popular amongst young users thanks to all the privacy features, you can send a picture and the person can only take a glimpse for a certain amount of seconds and it is automatically deleted, the chats are also deleted after the user read the text.

Snapchat has gained users thanks to the secrecy behind the file sharing but the “Best Friends” feature has overshadowed this perk. The app automatically lists the 3 people you share files or you chat with the most. This is kind of controversial because everybody can see this list in your profile, so in other words, all your contacts are allowed to check the three persons you interact with the most.

This feature can’t be disabled, it is automatically generated, but in this website we’ll explain in an easy tutorial how to delete this “Best Friends” every time they appear.

There are 2 way of deleting your Best Friends list, you just have to Delete the person or Block them.

Delete Snapchat Best Friends – Step By Step Tutorial

1. Open the Snapchat app.

2. Go to your contact list “My Friends”

3. Tap the name of the contact that is s on your top 3 Best Friends list.

4. Tap settings (it’s the screw icon on the top right of the contact) .

5. Click on Delete or Block (We recommend to block the user, it’s easier to unblock a contact than creating it again)

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6. You are done.

You can also go to Snapchat app and swipe to the left until you find the Add Friends option, in this screen you have to find the name of the contact that is on your Best Friends List and swipe to the left, then tap on the red X to delete it.

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