How To Delete Retweets?

Twitter is an Icon when it comes to social network, the internet community giant is a platform which allows users to share opinions with a limit amount of characters, 140 to be precise.

A tweet may be so creative and clever that you will have the urge to share it in your time line so everybody can see it. Twitter haves the option to easily share other users opinions, this is called a retweet and is published in your profile with a green icon that indicates that it is a RT.

If you wish to delete it we will explain you in a 2 easy steps tutorial how to do it.

Delete Retweets – Steps by Steps Tutorial

1. Find the Retweet you wish to delete. (It is easy to identify thanks to the green icon in the the top of the tweet).

2. Click on “Retweet” in the right bottom of the tweet. This will automatically remove it.

You are done. The message will no longer be displayed on your time line.

If you wish to disable Retweets from specific users you can set this in the options menu. Click on Turn Off Retweets.