Music from my iPhone

How To Delete Music from my iPhone?

The iPhone is by far the most revolutionary mobile phone released on the last decade. Apple has managed to raise the bar and is now set really high for the other companies to even compete with their operative system. Apple is on a league of their own. The dedication of Steve Jobs with the help of the team behind the development of the iPhone is reflected in the user friendly experience and the easy to manage software.

iOs 7.0 has made things way more easier for the user, is not only the look of the interface that has changed, it’s also the way in which you perform simple tasks such as deleting a song.

The reason why you wish to delete a song is non of our business, we are here strictly to show you how to get rid of them .

Delete Music from my iPhone – Step by Step Tutorial 

1. Go to the music library and find the song you wish to delete.

2 Swipe Left

3. A red REMOVE button will appear


4. Tap it

5. You are done!