Line Account


How To Delete Line Account?

Line is an application developed in Japan that allows the users to exchange videos, photos, messages, hold video conference and even make VoIP calls; all this for free.

Line was launched in 2011 and 3 years later it has over 300 million registered users worldwide. Apparently Line is the largest social network in Japan with over 50 million users within the island.

Line is a great app for sending instant messages or even calling totally free. With this app you can keep in touch 24/7 with your friends and family all over the world but if you are trying to delete the account, you came to the right place.

Here we will explain you how to delete your Line account is a simple step by step tutorial.

Delete Line Account – Step By Step Tutorial

1. Open Line in your Mobile device.

2. Go to the “More” Tab and tap Settings.

3.Tap on Profile.

4.Scroll Down until you find the option Delete My Account.

5. Confirm

You are done.

Remember that once you delete the phone number registered to this account, all you stickers, coin you’ve purchased, messages and Line Contacts will be permanently deleted.

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Pictures on Instagram

How To Delete Pictures On Instagram?

instagram com logo

Nowadays Instagram is the number one app for sharing photographs with your friends and family. This social network is basically a platform for uploading pictures of your favorite instants; the popularity of the app is because it offers the user a variety of filters that gives the pic a professional look with out having practically no background on photography or so; Instagram can make a regular picture instantly black and white or give it an old style 70’s like effect.

The gallery of the pictures you’ve uploaded may contain one or two pictures that you are no longer happy to share. You might have some embarrassing pictures, maybe pictures of your ex-wife/ex-husband, or even photos that you find in this moment of your life inappropriate.

If you want to delete photos on your Instagram you are in the right place, we’ll help you through the process with an easy step-by-step tutorial.

Delete Pictures on Instagram – Step by Step Tutorial

1.Log In to your Instagram account.

2. Go to your photos.

3. Tap on the picture you wish to delete.


4. In the bottom right corner there is an icon with three dots. That is the option menu.

photo 1(2)

5. An option Menu will pop up, Tap on Delete

photo 2(2)

6. Confirm you want to delete the photograph.

photo 3(1)

7. You are Done!

Photos From iPhone

How To Delete Photos From iPhone?


The main reason you bought a phone 10 years ago was completely different to what the mobile phone users are demanding from the companies nowadays; back then you were looking for a device that could make and receive calls, nothing else, but things have changed quite a bit.

With all the social media boom and the networking frenzy it’s obvious that pictures are a big deal when it comes to spending a couple of hundreds in a mobile device, taking pictures has become part of our every day living, we are so amazed by how easy is to capture a moment and share it with our family and friends that we don’t even realize when did we hoard thousands of photographs in our cell phone.

The first company to realize how important was this whole “deleting” deal was Apple, the company makes his operative system so easy to manage and so user friendly that it’s almost an oxymoron to post about how to delete photos from your iPhone, but don’t worry we are here to help you.

Delete Photos from iPhone – Step by Step Tutorial

1. The first thing you have to do is Launch the camera app

2. Open the camera roll.

3. Tap on the Photo/Picture you want to delete

photo 1(1)

4. Tap the Trash can icon on the right bottom of the screen.

5. Confirm if you want to delete it or cancel the operation.

photo 2(1)

6. You are Done!

We hope that this information helped you through the process.

Suggested Videos from Youtube

How To Delete Suggested Videos From Youtube?

youtubecom logo

When it comes to watching videos Youtube has become the number one online option, there is no even one viral video that hasn’t used Youtube as the platform for spreading it. Media giants like Fox and CNN use the website as a source, basically it is nowadays the place where everything is broadcasted.

When the user visits the website there is an option developed by the webmasters to improve the experience, it consist in suggesting videos based on your favorite videos and preferences. The video suggestion may have some cons, and if they are greater than the pros you would probably want to delete them, if that is the case you are in the right place.

We will explain you on a step by step tutorial the way to delete the suggested videos from youtube.

Delete Suggested Videos from Youtube – Step By Step Tutorial

1.You must be logged in to access to the suggested videos otherwise there will be no user for the platform to check the preferences.

2.Below any video there is the option for sharing, Click on SHARE

3.The option to Embed the video will appear. Click on EMBED

4.Uncheck the box with the option “Show Suggested Videos when the Video finishes”

5.You are done!.

Remember that the suggested videos are based on the ones you’ve already watched. If you wish to delete the videos that are already being suggested you have to visit in order to delete them.


How To Delete Retweets?

Twitter is an Icon when it comes to social network, the internet community giant is a platform which allows users to share opinions with a limit amount of characters, 140 to be precise.

A tweet may be so creative and clever that you will have the urge to share it in your time line so everybody can see it. Twitter haves the option to easily share other users opinions, this is called a retweet and is published in your profile with a green icon that indicates that it is a RT.

If you wish to delete it we will explain you in a 2 easy steps tutorial how to do it.

Delete Retweets – Steps by Steps Tutorial

1. Find the Retweet you wish to delete. (It is easy to identify thanks to the green icon in the the top of the tweet).

2. Click on “Retweet” in the right bottom of the tweet. This will automatically remove it.

You are done. The message will no longer be displayed on your time line.

If you wish to disable Retweets from specific users you can set this in the options menu. Click on Turn Off Retweets.

Snapchat Best Friends

How To Delete Snapchat Best Friends?

snapchat logo

Snapchat is growing in popularity as we speak, it has become the latest way to chat between friends and share photos or short videos. The app is so popular amongst young users thanks to all the privacy features, you can send a picture and the person can only take a glimpse for a certain amount of seconds and it is automatically deleted, the chats are also deleted after the user read the text.

Snapchat has gained users thanks to the secrecy behind the file sharing but the “Best Friends” feature has overshadowed this perk. The app automatically lists the 3 people you share files or you chat with the most. This is kind of controversial because everybody can see this list in your profile, so in other words, all your contacts are allowed to check the three persons you interact with the most.

This feature can’t be disabled, it is automatically generated, but in this website we’ll explain in an easy tutorial how to delete this “Best Friends” every time they appear.

There are 2 way of deleting your Best Friends list, you just have to Delete the person or Block them.

Delete Snapchat Best Friends – Step By Step Tutorial

1. Open the Snapchat app.

2. Go to your contact list “My Friends”

3. Tap the name of the contact that is s on your top 3 Best Friends list.

4. Tap settings (it’s the screw icon on the top right of the contact) .

5. Click on Delete or Block (We recommend to block the user, it’s easier to unblock a contact than creating it again)

photo 2

6. You are done.

You can also go to Snapchat app and swipe to the left until you find the Add Friends option, in this screen you have to find the name of the contact that is on your Best Friends List and swipe to the left, then tap on the red X to delete it.

photo 3

Music from my iPhone

How To Delete Music from my iPhone?

The iPhone is by far the most revolutionary mobile phone released on the last decade. Apple has managed to raise the bar and is now set really high for the other companies to even compete with their operative system. Apple is on a league of their own. The dedication of Steve Jobs with the help of the team behind the development of the iPhone is reflected in the user friendly experience and the easy to manage software.

iOs 7.0 has made things way more easier for the user, is not only the look of the interface that has changed, it’s also the way in which you perform simple tasks such as deleting a song.

The reason why you wish to delete a song is non of our business, we are here strictly to show you how to get rid of them .

Delete Music from my iPhone – Step by Step Tutorial 

1. Go to the music library and find the song you wish to delete.

2 Swipe Left

3. A red REMOVE button will appear


4. Tap it

5. You are done!

Date FM Account


How To Delete Date FM Account?

Date FM is the first Video Chat dating app in the industry, it is basically a platform where the user can meet people from the opposite sex and video chat with them.

The pillar of the app is honesty so the first thing you will find cool about it is the face recognition software for uploading your profile pic, this helps preventing the creation of fake users. Date FM works like an online game of who’s hot and who’s not, after you complete your registration process you’ll be able to scroll through hundreds of pictures of opposite sex users, based on your interests you may tap LIKE or DISLIKE depending if you find that person attractive or not, so here is the trick, if you wish to start a video chat with someone that person also had to have hit LIKE on your profile.

Another cool feature about Date FM is that you don’t have to login via another social network like Twitter or Facebook, so if you wish to delete it you wont have to go through any tedious process.

How To Delete FM Account – Step By Step Tutorial

1.Login to Date FM

2.In the bottom right corner tap on the ME icon.

photo 1-2

3.Scroll down the options until you find DELETE ACCOUNT, Tap on it.

photo 2-2

4.A box to confirm you wish to delete the Account will pop up, tap YES.

photo 3-2

5. You are Done!

photo 4

Remember that once you’ve deleted this account all the information from this app will be deleted and people will no longer be able to contact you. We hope that this tutorial was helpful.

Password on iphone

How to delete password on iPhone?

Sometimes you need to keep your personal information of your mobile phone with a password to avoid people from calling, checking your pictures or your personal chats. iPhone allows the user to set a passcode to avoid unlocking the phone and gaining direct access to everything in it.

Sometimes you get tired of tapping the four digit password every time you wish to access something on you phone. We are here to help you and going to show you how to disable this option in 4 easy steps.

Delete Password on iphone – Step by Step Tutorial

1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone

2. Go to General.

3. Navigate to the passcode Lock. (To access this option you will have to enter your password)


5. Done!

You will now be able to un-lock your iPhone without having to enter any password or passcode.

Tags on Facebook

How to delete Tags on Facebook?

The social media hype doesn’t seem to diminish, with more people around the world being able to acces the internet and aquiring cheap smartphones with online access, the social media phenomenon is a revolution that is spreading like a virus.

It is of common knowledge that the most used tool for social media interaction are the pictures, with the new upgrades of almost every social media network you can share anything, from places you’re at to friends you’re with, tagging friends on pictures is a very common practice in Facebook.

This ‘tag a friend’ trend can become invasive sometimes, or you might get tagged on that embarrassing drunk photograph, you wouldn’t want your family or your workmates to see, so you begin to wonder, How do I delete a tag from a FB picture? the answer is : EASY.

We are going to help you with these 5 easy steps.

Delete Tags on Facebook – Step by Step tutorial

1. Go to the activity log on your FB account.

2. In the left of your screen you will see a column, Click on ‘Photos’.

3. You can select one or more if you want to remove the TAG simultaneously from the pictures.

4. Click on Report/Remove Tags.

5. Confirm

Keep in mind that deleted tags cannot be un-deleted.

For more information on how to manage Tags visit Facebook.