Date FM Account


How To Delete Date FM Account?

Date FM is the first Video Chat dating app in the industry, it is basically a platform where the user can meet people from the opposite sex and video chat with them.

The pillar of the app is honesty so the first thing you will find cool about it is the face recognition software for uploading your profile pic, this helps preventing the creation of fake users. Date FM works like an online game of who’s hot and who’s not, after you complete your registration process you’ll be able to scroll through hundreds of pictures of opposite sex users, based on your interests you may tap LIKE or DISLIKE depending if you find that person attractive or not, so here is the trick, if you wish to start a video chat with someone that person also had to have hit LIKE on your profile.

Another cool feature about Date FM is that you don’t have to login via another social network like Twitter or Facebook, so if you wish to delete it you wont have to go through any tedious process.

How To Delete FM Account – Step By Step Tutorial

1.Login to Date FM

2.In the bottom right corner tap on the ME icon.

photo 1-2

3.Scroll down the options until you find DELETE ACCOUNT, Tap on it.

photo 2-2

4.A box to confirm you wish to delete the Account will pop up, tap YES.

photo 3-2

5. You are Done!

photo 4

Remember that once you’ve deleted this account all the information from this app will be deleted and people will no longer be able to contact you. We hope that this tutorial was helpful.