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How to Delete Tingle Account?

Tingle is a dating app as well as a mobile only online community which is currently available only for iPhone, however, the owners of the site already announced that it will be available for Android and BlackBerry devices soon. After joining the community users can communicate between each other through text messages which are called “whatsup”, they can also share a “wink” when they are attracted to another person, and it has many more discovery tools that will allow users to easily and quickly find people that they might like.

In this page you will learn how to cancel/close your Tingle account permanently, so if you are having problems with the account termination process or if you simply don’t know this whole thing works, then just follow the step below and I’ll show you how.

Delete Tingle Account – Step By Step Tutorial

1. Go to your email and login to your account.

2. Send a message to support at [email protected] and ask them to suspend your account.

3. Done!

Deleting your Tingle account permanently is easy, it only takes one short email, just don’t forget that once you have closed your account forever you will lose all access, settings and friends you’ve made so far. So I suggest that you really think it through before doing something that you might regret later.