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How to Delete Steam Account?

Steam is a social gaming platform developed, managed and owned by Valve. The site has over 1,800 games and there are millions of members to play them with.

In this page you will learn how to permanently delete your account, so if you don’t know or understand how this whole account termination thing works, or if you are experiencing problems while trying to cancel your account, then just follow the steps below and I’ll show you exactly how to do it through an easy to follow tutorial that anyone can understand.

Delete Steam Account – Step By Step Tutorial

You can’t delete a account by yourself, however, there’s a way to make it happen and what you have to do is as follows:

1. Go to and login to your account.

2. Erase all the information and games in that account.

3. Logout.

4. Don’t login using that account ever again, because only inactive accounts containing no games are deleted.[1]

5. Done!

That’s how simple it is, some people and other authors have suggested contacting support and asking them for help to get your account cancelled forever, however, several users have tried this option and it hasn’t worked for them, so instead of wasting your time just follow the steps in this guide and you will be done with the whole thing in just a couple of minutes. Hope this helps!