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How to Delete Rediffmail Account?

Rediffmail is an online mailing service provided by The service is very popular in India, it offers unlimited free storage and, an AJAX based mail interface which was recently launched. But the real reason why this webmail service is so popular in India is because it allows users to send and receive emails in many Indian languages using Microsoft Windows.[1]

In this page you will learn how to permanently delete your Rediffmail account, so if you don’t know or understand how the account termination process works, or if you are experiencing problems while trying to cancel your account, then just follow the steps below and I’ll show you exactly how to do it through an easy to understand, step by step tutorial that anyone can follow.

Delete Rediffmail Account – Step By Step Tutorial

Well there aren’t really any steps to list here, cancelling or better yet, closing an account at is probably the easiest thing to do on earth, because it’s basically all about patience, you just have to wait for a while until your account gets terminated automatically.[2]

1. If you don’t sign in to your Rediffmail account for 60 days all your messages will be deleted. This includes both incoming and outgoing emails.

2. If you don’t login to your email account for 90 days it will be automatically deactivated and deleted by the system, you won’t be able to use it ever again, which means that your account will be gone forever!

Rediffmail accounts can’t be disabled by users themselves, so if you really want to close your account permanently just stay away from the site for more than 3 months and your mission will be completed.


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