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How to Delete Netflix Account?

Cancelling or Closing your account permanently is easy and quick, however, a lot of people don’t understand how this process works, and since I’m deeply involved with the tech industry I get this question asked a lot, that’s why I’ve decided to create this guide, so from now on when someone asks me the same question again I will simply refer them to this page and that’s it, problem solved.

Netflix is an on demand media streaming service which is available almost everywhere in the world, after signing up users can watch their favorite movies, tv shows, documentaries, comedy shows, animated movies and cartoons, sporting events and more as many times as they want or can.

Even though the service is amazing a lot of people choose not to keep using it because it costs money, so I often see people leave because they can’t continue paying the monthly fee or something like that. On other hand, other users simply don’t like the service after trying it out and they decide to cancel it right away. Keep in mind that if you really want to terminate your account permanently you have to forget about your login details, because any user who has previously cancelled his or her account can reactivate it at any moment by simply restarting their account from the Your Account Page.

If you want to learn how to cancel your service follow the steps below.

Delete Netflix Account – Step By Step Tutorial

1. Go to

2. Login to your account.

3. Go to the “Your Account Page”.

4. Click the “Cancel Streaming Plan” link that you will see on the Your Account Page. If you want to cancel your DVD plan, then click the “Cancel Your DVD Plan” on the Your Account Page.

5. Done!

As you can see cancelling/closing your account permanently is easy and quick, anyone can do it, specially after reading this and following the steps in this tutorial. If you have problems don’t worry, simply come back to this page, leave us a message and we will help you as soon as we read it.