Craigslist Account

How to Delete Craigslist Account?

Cancelling or closing your account is very easy, in fact, it’s easier than what you have to do at most sites and services to get your account terminated. What you need to do is simply forget about your account forever, don’t log into the site using the information of the account that you want to delete ever again and in a couple of months the account will be terminated by the site’s system automatically.

To make things easier you can simply sign in to your account, go to your account settings page, change or erase your personal information, go to “change password”, close your eyes and type anything so you don’t know what your new password is, save your new settings and that’s it. Once your account is labeled as inactive by the site’s system it will be deleted for you.

Another way to close your Craigslist account permanently is to simply write and then send an email to customer support at [email protected], you will have to explain to them the reason why you want to leave the site and then ask them kindly to get the job done for you, don’t forget to include account information such as your username, email address, full name, etc.

Once your account gets permanently deleted you won’t be able to access it again, so make sure to think it through before doing something that you might regret in the near future. Hope this helps!